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ThinkOrSwim Studies

Gain Your Edge in the Markets

Strategize, and trade consistently for a profit with our custom developed strategic trading software on ThinkOrSwim .

What is Strategic Trading Software?

Strategic Trading Software is a series of enhancement studies developed for online trading platforms. By utilizing these studies, the goal is to ensure everyday traders will gain psychological confidence on each transaction and possibly foresee the trend of the markets.

Upper Studies

  • TS-Haco
  • TS-Moving Average
  • Auto Triangle Channels
  • TIDY Bowl
  • Trinity Candles
  • UB Mumba
  • W Mumba
  • DMI 1 min Atr
  • DMI 1 min Pivot
  • Pivot Point DMI Alert
  • Pivot Point test Alert
  • Carol Studies (3XADX)
  • Carol Studies (Test Alert)
  • Control Point / Signal Alerts
  • Today Pivot Points
  • 3 Day Pivot Points
  • TS Moving Average
  • Auto FIB Lines
  • ATR, Option and Volume Labels
  • Volume Supply Studies
  • Pivot Point labels
  • TS- Candle Readings
  • Dynamically Over Bought / Over Sold
  • And more...
Joe's TS-Haco Moving Average ThinkOrSwim Study

TS-Haco Moving Average

Joes Auto Triangle and Channels ThinkOrSwim Study

Auto Triangles and Channels

Tidy Bowl ThinkOrSwim Study


Trinity Candles ThinkOrSwim Study

Trinity Candles

UB/W Mumba ThinkOrSwim Study

UB/W Mumba

Pivot Point DMI (test) Alert ThinkOrSwim Study

Pivot Point DMI (test) Alert

3 Day Pivot High/Low ThinkOrSwim Study

3 Day Pivot High/Low

Auto Fibonacci Retracements ThinkOrSwim Study

Auto Fibonacci Retracements

Option and Volume Labels ThinkOrSwim Studies

ATR, VWAP, Option and Volume Labels

TS Moving Average ThinkOrSwim Study

TS Moving Average

Lower Studies

  • RSI Divergence
  • Stochastic Momentum Indicator
  • BP Zero Lag Divergence
  • DMI Squeeze
  • TS-Macd HCL
  • Cumulative ticks
  • Thermo ticks
  • And more...
RSI Divergence ThinkOrSwim Study

RSI Divergence

DMI Squeeze ThinkOrSwim Study

DMI Squeeze

Volume Dividend V2C ThinkOrSwim Study

Volume Dividend V2C

Cumulative Tick ThinkOrSwim Study

Cumulative Tick

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